Infused Olive Oil Dipping Gift – Lemon Olive Oil | Moscato Balsamic Vinegar aged 8-years in wood | Extra Virgin Olive Oil Harvest Dec 2016 from our family in Sicily, Italy | 3 fl oz each – Papa Vince

January 5, 2018 - Comment


FitFish says:

Holy smokes! Now THIS is olive oil!!!! First, let me say that upon opening the box I just looked at the wrapping job for a few seconds. When you get this bottle, the company wraps it in such a way that it will most assuredly withstand any large meteor impact or worse. I had to laugh a bit, but also want to praise the company for caring enough to wrap their bottles so well.Secondly, without a doubt I did not even know olive oil could taste like this. This isn’t olive oil. This is a treat from the olive gods. The best way I can articulate this is by simply saying it felt almost instinctual knowing that this is how olive oil is supposed to be. It is rich, the texture is like nothing I have ever had. Would I buy a bottle again? No….why? Because I am buying two for me and one for my father and one for my friend. This is gift material; it truly is that good.Stand alone or in conjunction with food, this is the best I have ever tasted without a doubt.

Ms. Reevu says:

Fit for the Gods – No Better Olive Oil in Heaven or Earth1 My husband is Algerian, and he’s used to fresh, homemade olive oil that’s sold at the local farmer’s markets back home. We’ve been going crazy trying one after the other olive oils, here, in America, to satisfy his craving for that super fresh taste. Well, we finally hit the jackpot with this one! It’s like liquid gold! It’s so fresh and light with just enough tang to it, I was almost tempted to drink it straight out of the bottle! The smell, mmm. The taste…over the top goodness that’s earned every single 5-star review. You haven’t tasted olive oil until you’ve tasted it from Papa Vince. And if you’re one of those who make homemade bread – ohhhh boy, are you going gain weight! Haha! Fresh bread and THIS olive oil – a feast fit for the gods.

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